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Flights With Friends wants to make it easy for families and friends to find and book flights and hotels together, allowing everyone in your travel posse to see the same results, pin their favorites and chat about different options in realtime. The startup wants to solve the problem that many small groups find when planning trips, preventing the process from devolving into the inevitable lengthy back-and-forth, the group email chains and spreadsheets.January 10, 2013

San Francisco Chronicle

Traveling with friends and family just got easier. Flights With Friends is adding hotels to its group trip planning service. Getting small groups with different budgets, opinions, and tech savvy organized is simple using Flights With Friends.January 11, 2013


A quick play around on Flights with Friends leaves you wanting more especially if you’re planning a group/family trip. It’s easy to use, relatively fast and brings back lots of flight and hotel options, with TripAdvisor reviews also integrated.January 16, 2013


Flights with Friends is fresh out of the gate. It’s flights service is now live after having been in beta since August, and it just launched a beta version of its hotel functionality. The site allows groups to collaborate on flight and hotel bookings by pinning possibilities and discussing the options in real time.January, 14 2013


Flights With Friends, a San Francisco-based startup that launches out of beta today, is willing to bet there’s a big opportunity at the top of the funnel in one of the least-explored (but growing) areas of social travel: Group trip planning.January, 17 2013

Women On Their Way

This tool effortlessly eliminates the frustration of back-and-forth emails and phone calls that are all too often a frustrating part of group travel planning.April, 7 2013


Travel is becoming an increasingly social event. Millennials are most likely to travel in a group, with 58% indicating they’d prefer to travel with friends, about 20% higher than any other generation, according to Iconoculture.August, 28 2013

Miami Herald

Flight with Friends, makes planning trips in large groups easy by cutting out the annoying ‘reply all’ email chains that drive people crazy.September, 11 2013